Changes in Patreon

Earlier today I changed my Patreon subscriber base from a per-video contribution method into a monthly fee.

There are a few reasons that prompted this change, but here are the main ones:

  1. This is a better budgeting tool for both my supporters and for myself. Instead of wondering if you will be supporting 2, 3 or 5 videos in a month, it’s a flat tip.
  2. Videos are only a portion of what I do online. By removing the funding requirement from per-video it will free me up to do more livestreams with other people on their channels. In August I will start booking with livestreams on other channels starting in September once I move to a nicer place with a larger dedicated office. I’m looking forward to this, partly because it’s you guys, especially in Discord who have an ear to the ground for good topics and interesting creators, so I want to take your recommendations on who I should be chatting to.
  3. This also helps to support the new website. Since most of my HOT TAKES are too long for 140 characters, multiple blog posts per day are a better place for them. In August/early September I will softly roll out a Facebook page as well, to give you more opportunities to follow this blog which will also update on livestreams and other appearances.

So for the next few weeks I’ll be doing the painfully egotistic parts of “building a brand,” including a photoshoot for some new headshots I’ve already booked for next Monday and working with some social media and marketing specialists to iron the wrinkles from out these platforms as well as spend a few bucks on a better WordPress theme. There is no aspect of turning my face and name into a “brand” that doesn’t make me feel like a massive blowhard, but writing makes me happy.

Thank you to supporters old and new.