Laura Loomer Is A Liar: New Tires Edition

The story of Laura Loomer’s slashed tire plays out the same as many of her stories: A tempest in a teacup that gets amplified through the corridor of Gateway News.

Jim Hoft the Gateway Pundit used to provide some damn fine commentary and some of his staff’s efforts still hold water. So why single them out?

To start at the top, this is what Loomer posted around noon her time on 2 August.

It’s obvious what happened here! Some trolls found her and… slashed the extremely rotten and worn out tires she’s been dangerously rocking for years. Here are some of the best responses:

And when @RealLambright asks Michelin about the tires…


Loomer implied that her tires were vandalized due to doxing. Doxing is when your public information (documents) are made easily available, usually with intent to show the target that they need to cool their heels or in the near future things will get uncomfortable… because they’ll start calling their phone constantly and sign up their address to hundreds of free flyers and catalogs and (the old standard) send pizza to their front door. Doxing isΒ not a call to violence or action, it’s a warning shot.

So back to the information corridor. Again, not everyone at Gateway is bad at their jobs, but the position the site occupies forces other sites to comment on it. They can occasionally warrant a White House Press Pass, and they do not have a small, esoteric audience.

What happens here is this:

Laura’s tire gets “slashed” and exactly nobody believes it.

Someone with more twitter followers backs the story up. But look — at the time of this writing, there are 123 retweets but 333 replies, most of which are calling this out as bullshit.

So now that the tire story is out there, despite the fact that we all ought to be very careful, it’s being discussed by big enough accounts to warrant an article. These accounts could be talking about a new recipe for coconut cream pie, and it would still be enough of a draw to a small site to want to be the first out of the gate to write an article on everyone’s new favorite coconut cream pie recipe.

For the love of God, please keep an eye on the names involved in this knitting circle.

So of course Gateway steps in:


I know that whoever wrote that headline felt bad about it. It’s okay friend, we all feel bad.

…and now the unnamed mechanic is having new words put into his mouth. What was Laura saying right before this?

Oh, so NOW you call AAA, after years of ignoring the deals you’d get on new tires.


But don’t worry friends, she already has the cops on the case.

So now what happens, after this has been reported on by Gateway? Well, we’re all here talking about it, which forces more legitimate sites to comment on it, forcing it up the chain into normie journalism — oh look.

She’s mad that the journalists who were SUPPOSED to take the story from Gateway and run with it are all calling her on her bullshit.

Sorry lady, it didn’t work this time, and now you’re being mocked from all sides for being an opportunistic bitch who thinks her HIGH ASHKENAZI IQ and REAL BOOBS will keep the rest of us losers from calling you out.

But I would like to share with you one last thing: the top secret document she totally 100% filed with the police.