Aragon Network Tokens’ Really Stupid Marketing Strategy

Aragon Network Tokens “lets you manage entire organizations using the blockchain. This makes Aragon organizations more efficient than their traditional counterparties.”


Okay so they appear to be building smart contracts powered by Ethereum. I’m not interested in what they’re selling, I’m interested in how they’re selling it. I first found them browsing through /biz/ to catch up on the Equifax fiasco.

Here’s why Aragon needs to rearrange their digital marketing strategy:

They’re forcibly marketing on /biz/

Their Press Kit doesn’t have any email addresses to contact a PR representative, it’s mostly just .png images in a DropBox of their super cool logo, man.

Their posts on BitcoinTalk are painfully obvious.

I really think it can be the invest of the century
the world need the change that the aragon offers
keep reading about that, i am not the only one who thinks this way

as the project begins
I’ll help in everyway i can
Type in ur signature ” In aragon we trust”
add it to your site if you have
write it somewhere and spread the word

They aren’t verified on Twitter dot com.

Their subreddit is moderated by the token’s creators and it’s full of forced threads with titles like Time to scoop up Aragon today? and Just found this hidden gem but why is it priced so low? 

They keep using the word GEM and it’s such an obvious astroturf that it hurts me internally.


4 Comments on “Aragon Network Tokens’ Really Stupid Marketing Strategy”

  1. Great analysis of a marketing strategy. You have good eyes that can see what’s going wrong. I agree having an email and ability to contact a real person is the basic thing needed for every business. Live chat can be another awesome thing. And, verified Social media accounts also go a long way. Good work Margaret!

  2. Well, I don think the “unverified status” on twitter has any major effect on their marketing success since they can still gain thousands of royal followers without being verified. Meanwhile, I became amazed to learn that a business can have a press release without a contact email. How on earth will people take them serious?

  3. I quite agree with you that for Argon Network to post a press release without contact info is awkward. In fact, I’ll definitely trash any press release within seconds if it doesn’t have clear contact details.

    Meanwhile, I have wanted to learn more about Argon’s DAO. So, anybody with with useful information should please share with me.

  4. I have searched online and read many articles on Aragon Network Tokens (ANT), but I’ve not understood anything about it. Please Margaret, forgive my naivety and enlighten me.


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