Laura Loomer OUT at the Rebel Media

Via Twitter, as of 21 Sept 2017 Loomer no longer has any affiliation to the Canadian media group by by Ezra Levant. No word on if it was her decision or if Levant is perhaps making a smart decision to focus back on Canada.

Her new Twitter profile only states that she’s a former Project Veritas operative.

She is now offering free boot camps and has the ability to give out prizes. So, there’s money coming in, but from where?

A few days ago she was posting a $200+ purchase from the Milo Yiannopoulos store and tagging Milo’s former worker bee, Chadwick Moore in the comment section. I don’t think Milo’s fortunes are at the point where he can bankroll anyone else’s work. Loomer has no steady source of online income from Patreon or even YouTube. YouTube is trash anyway, forget YouTube. So who does that leave?

Roger Stone maybe? He might still be dealing with the fallout from Hurricane Irma, which as far as I know didn’t cause any extensive damage to his Miami-Dade county property but would still knock over a few planters.

Who else in the right wing can even afford to patronize a journo? Must be a New York thing.

5 Comments on “Laura Loomer OUT at the Rebel Media”

  1. We are in confusion. Why is Laura Loomer being discussed here? As an undercover journalist for Project Veritas she had uncovered fraud and corruption within the Hillary Clinton campaign that was not legal actually.. This is my personal opinion… I do not talk more about Laura. She changed the political movement partially…

  2. Laura Loomer, being a renowned journalist, has the ability to push issues such as The What Happened Tour, pedophilia, etc, to the general public. It does not matter whether these issues are from Canada or from Africa or from America. This being said, Levant of the Canadian Media Group, should shed some light on the issues that led to Laura’s being let go.
    On issues concerning The What Happened Tour, Laura was pushing towards getting answers from Hilary Clinton, and as anyone pushing for a good cause, she obviously designed a strategy to get as many people as possible involved, hence the Prizes and free Citizen Journalist’s Boot Camp. From her tweets, participants received buttons written “Facts Matter”. These were obviously not as extravagant as $200 purchases from Milo Yiannopoulous. In any case, funds put towards pushing for a good cause such as bringing a crooked politician to justice and answering questions from concerned citizens could come from well-wishers and donors.

    Associating people such as Roger stone and Chadwick Moore of Milo stores only diverts attention from the bigger issue here, which is whether or not Bill Clinton is guilty of raping a minor, why Hilary Clinton is still married to him and whether or not the American justice system is fully capable of serving justice even against its own leaders. Laura has a social obligation to inform not only American citizens, but the entire world about issues such as pedophilia, rape, and injustice against rape victims.

    Discrediting her work on account of where she gets her funds from only heightens curiosity as to why we are focused on less important matters. Considering that there has been proof of deleted emails and text messages, which can be used as evidence, Laura is well within the right to probe for questions. However, it is also a matter we should be concerned about. Laura Loomer is a journalist and should, therefore, be transparent about where she gets her funds from.

  3. Laura leaving the Rebel media from my point of view is a loss to the company because her videos always go viral and not just any video but quality investigative ones, though she has not find any gig yet. I’m fully sure with her talent and way of working that she will fine one gig very soon. A great Talent in talent in Laura Loomer.

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