Steve Bannon Responds To My Breitbart Article

A few weeks ago I gave evidence that I had been the ghostwriter for a Breitbart article entitled Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive And Crazy, and now I finally know how Steve Bannon felt about it.

Thanks to someone spilling emails to Joe Bernstein at Buzzfeed, I now know that Bannon… wasn’t too happy that it wasn’t about Muslims instead.

From Buzzfeed:

On December 8, the New York Times published a major story about the radicalization of American Muslims on Facebook. Yiannopoulos published a story called “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy.”

That afternoon, Bannon emailed Yiannopoulos and Marlow.

“Dude—we r in a global existentialist war where our enemy EXISTS in social media and u r jerking yourself off w/ marginalia!!!! U should be OWNING this conversation because u r everything they hate!!! Drop your toys, pick up your tools and go help save western civilization.”

“Message received,” Yiannopoulos wrote back. “I will do a Week of Islam next week.”

“U don’t need that,” Bannon responded. “Just get in the fight—ur Social Media and they have made it a powerful weapon of war. … There is no war correspondent in the west yet dude and u can own it and be remember for 3 generations–or sit around wasting your God-given talents jerking off to your fan base.”

As it turns out, it’s the one article that has gotten more attention than any other they’ve ever published. I have no shame in saying that that’s because I’m better at trend forecasting than you. These days, traditionalism gets more buzz than Islam, Steve.

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