Is There Anyone On The New Right Who HASN’T Been Arrested? Mike Tokes in Las Vegas Edition

Mike Tokes, real name Mike Coudrey is a friend to Omar Navarro, Laura Loomer, Joy Villa and the recently perma-banned Baked Alaska.

He hasn’t been on my radar until I stumbled on this thread showing that Mike was arrested in Las Vegas for apparently passing bad checks to casinos this summer, and claims that his apps and websites connected to his 33 Assets, Inc., are all bogus. Huh. Fishy.

Here’s the thread, and I included links to his court records and some Instagram grabs at the bottom. The thread covers a lot of topics including one of my favorite set pieces, the Yiannopoulos Privilege Grant, of which I was the original Director. I was unpersoned after I spoke up publicly in an effort to bring attention to the atrocious management after spending weeks attempting to get my name off of what appeared to be turning into a train wreck.



And here’s the arrest information from 30 July 2017 in connection with a 2015 incident, linked here with Case Number 16F05986X:

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