WeSearchr Bounty Paid Out on Reagan Battalion Dox

The $10,000 WeSearchr bounty promised to whomever could dox the pro-Marco Rubio people before the Reagan Battalion Twitter account have been paid.

The Reagan Battalion was doxed a few months ago and their private messages were accessed, showing which conservatives were feeding the anti-Trump group information. As I wrote back in August:

“Twitter account @WildGooseXXX made and recorded this video entitled Reagan Battalion Unmasked on 26 August 2017 confirming the involvement of both Benny Polatseck (Twitter) and Yossi Gestetner (Twitter). Benny owns Colossal PR (Twitter), who are shown in the video to have a history of defending pedophiles as crisis managers. Watch the video, it’s only six and a half minutes.”

The video has now been removed by YouTube.

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