Joy Villa’s Husband on his “Bill Clinton Coffee Moment”

In 2007, Joy Villa’s now-husband Thorsten Overgaard photographed Bill Clinton in the Faroe Islands and filed an extensive blog on the topic.

Photographer Overgaard, now 52, met Villa, now 31 a few years ago through Scientology and married in 2016.

Here is the original link to the blog post and an archived link:

I am alone with Clinton in a coffee bar, except that now there are four Secret Service guys inside as well. They look at me and Clinton tells them, “It’s alright.”

And then:

Clinton looks at me, I look at him, I look at his hand. I shake hands with Clinton. His handshake is comfortable, professional. It’s not hard. It’s kind of soft but firm.

Now, being friendly with the Clintons is not a sign of treachery.

But, like in many such cases, I feel the need to put a pin in this moment of time to check into at a later date.

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