About Margaret

Margaret is a conservative copywriter living on the east coast of Canada with a specialty in the movement of information in the social media world.

This site follows how information, gossip, memes and ideas spread through right wing social media and into the mainstream.

Margaret’s ghostwriting has appeared in numerous right wing publications and she has worked on both Canadian and American political campaigns, starting as a volunteer over ten years ago by stuffing envelopes and answering phones for local candidates. Now she develops website messaging and provides advice on finding the right social media voice for hopefuls in both Canada an America. One of her proudest moments was hearing Hillary Clinton personally denounce an article she concocted in her 2016 speech on Pepe and the altright.

Margaret is continuing to build connections among the scattered conservatives in the tech, marketing and blockchain world and continues to work on watching the online space occupied by right wingers. The biggest challenged faced by the right wing online is the attempt to unite the moderates, libertarians, anarcho-capitalists, conservatives and altrighters into one strong conservative voice as we fight for our varied views to gain mainstream acceptance.

Professionally trained as a bellydancer, Margaret was forced to find less engaging activities after a 2013 diagnosis of ulcerative colitis left her hospitalized and forced to quit her then-current occupation. She worked as a speaker and entertainer for bowel disease conferences after having her large intestine removed, and currently has a temporary ileostomy. She plays piano and the ukulele and sings well enough to earn money as an entertainer. On a personal note, multiple postponements due to complications from her autoimmune disease are severe enough to continually challenge her specialists, and she is one last elective away from earning her BA in Philosophy.

About This Site


This site is being overhauled to focus more on right wing ladies and what they wear, say and do.