Yes Margaret

With the firing of James Damore, the author of the “Google Manifesto,” the pushback has been immediate. I’m seeing conservatives dropping Chrome for Safari and recommending the Brave browser, developed by Brendan Eich (who was trounced from Mozilla Firefox for supporting anti-gay marriage legislation). While the above-board discussion is about which sites and platforms to which we […]

Catch up on the saga here: Laura Loomer Is A Liar: New Tires Edition Laura Loomer Is A Liar: Gateway Pundit Is Angry Edition We left off a few days ago when Loomer had managed to make her fellow travelers at Gateway Pundit look foolish and her obvious tire dry rot had even been dunked on by […]

It has been brought to my attention that both Laura Loomer and Jovi Val are receiving free plastic surgery from Dr. Joseph “#DrRedPill” Pober, despite their multiple GoFundMe and WeSearchr campaigns that indicate that they need funding to pay for these surgeries. Donating and supporting someone who needs reconstructive surgery is laudable, but Loomer is getting herself […]

There will be a Saturday livestream. 1pm EST

While I was busy, Boogie2988 took time during one of his Twitch streams to let us all know he’s separating from his wife. After leaving the stream briefly to answer a text from her, he returned and gave this snippet of a conversation: For those that missed it. — WeWuzMetokur (@WeWuzMetokur) July 19, 2017 If it […]