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Always pay attention to who has information first — it will help you figure out who they have sending them information privately, Similarly, abhor the people who do not credit their sources. The other day I wrote about Rebel Media hold-out Laura Loomer making a terrible mistake by tweeting at the FBI in a way that made […]

One of Laura Loomer’s biggest sins is that she attempts to cultivate e-cred for being a total nerd who understands internet culture and trolling, but alas, she is a normie. A normie is difficult to define but in this context it means that she is not “of the internet” and has learned about internet culture through offline […]

Catch up on the saga here: Laura Loomer Is A Liar: New Tires Edition Laura Loomer Is A Liar: Gateway Pundit Is Angry Edition We left off a few days ago when Loomer had managed to make her fellow travelers at Gateway Pundit look foolish and her obvious tire dry rot had even been dunked on by […]

If you haven’t read Part 1: Laura Loomer Is A Liar: New Tires Edition In the previous article I drew attention to the importance of Gateway Pundit in this whole shebang. Well, Gateway has deleted their story about the slashed tire and Twitter sleuths have been doing a number on destroying her narrative. I’ll post the tweets […]

NooooOOOO ROY WHY WOULD YOU LIE TO ME I WAS ENJOYING YOU You're a fuckin sham. You should be ashamed of yourself. — Joshua (@JoshBloom_) August 3, 2017

You just won yourself a new customer dennys Margaret and i will go for lunch tomorrow once we find out where you are — Roy W (@RoyWedgwood) August 1, 2017 I found Roy Wedgwood commenting on Denny’s tweet making fun of Diplo and had to follow up. this is a good account — Mar-A-Lago💅 (@MargaretsBelly) August […]

The story of Laura Loomer’s slashed tire plays out the same as many of her stories: A tempest in a teacup that gets amplified through the corridor of Gateway News. Jim Hoft the Gateway Pundit used to provide some damn fine commentary and some of his staff’s efforts still hold water. So why single them out? To […]

INCOMING: Hi all: @joerogan @RubinReport @scrowder @SamHarrisOrg I've been locked out of YouTube & my personal account: violation of terms of service" — Jordan B Peterson (@jordanbpeterson) August 1, 2017 There are several possible breaches of the Terms of Service which may be to blame. Yes, yes we all know that this is trash and unfair and they’re […]

Frankie MacDonald is a local institution, and has been for years. Located on the west side of Cape Breton Island, northwest of the mainland of Nova Scotia, Frankie’s weather anchoring on YouTube takes a blustery approach to warning us to Be Prepared for upcoming conditions. Here’s a video from 2011. A friend of mine attended high school […]

I admit I’ve been listening to old Internet Aristocrat uploads. Jim is laudable for refusing the crown that is pushed into his hands on the daily and I find his aim of producing, mining and nurturing lulz to be pure. Lulz isn’t used too often, and I find it sad. Lulz are now instantly political, and politics is anti-lulz and […]