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From Wired, in 2014: From a distance, the world’s largest bitcoin exchange looked like a towering example of renegade entrepreneurism. But on the inside, according to some who were there, Mt. Gox was a messy combination of poor management, neglect, and raw inexperience. Its collapse into bankruptcy last week – and the disappearance of $460 million, apparently […]

Art thieves are usually the for-profit type, looking to either fence rare items such as old books and maps or are contracted to pilfer a particular work of art. Not this fellow, who blames kleptomania. When French police raided the man’s house, they were after just a few paintings. The alleged thief had returned to a hotel […]

Bitcoin is a system of digital currency that is not associated with any government or institution. Somewhat confusingly, the word “bitcoin” (without capitalization) is also the name used for the currency itself. The system (Bitcoin) was created in 2009, but the units of currency (bitcoin) are being generated continuously through a process called mining. It’s sort of […]

National Geographic, bringing us the world as it really is, gives us this coverage on a Finnish girl who instead of spending several weeks in Jamaica for vacation, is spending her time in Iran playing pretend at mounted archery. Not mentioned: What jobs her parents must have for this so very brave and so very cultured girl […]

It wasn’t a train this time, but drowning. A leading French philosopher who wrote a book on risk-taking has died after attempting to rescue two children from drowning. Anne Dufourmantelle entered the water at Pampelonne beach near St Tropez on 21 July after the children got into difficulty. Witnesses say she immediately tried to reach them but […]

Unions and race hustling are two beloved entities of the left, despite the right wing having a healthy respect for workers and people. Conservatives value people by investing in justice and freedom, the left learns by rote that a certain percentage of workers as a group and people as a whole will always be the underdog. Of course, […]

The Mongol Nomad’s vaulted Yurt Is home to his encircled dirt And when his horde rides off to sack They kick the steppey dust right back His muddy Yurt is clouded dry To circle red his Nomad lady’s eye. Between 2010 and 2015, the proportion of households living in yurts declined by 1.3 percentage points, according to […]

The BBC just published a photoset describing my local Nova Scotia flavor and Gaelic heritage. I have a few notes to add: The Office of Gaelic Affairs was established by the Progressive Conservative Premier Rodney MacDonald back in 2006 and recently suffered a 40% staffing cut in 2015 under the Liberal Premier Stephen McNeil. Generally I dislike governmental […]

I’m kicking myself for boxing up my Medieval, Tudor, Stuart and Reformation history books last night, because they would’ve been a better resource than what the internet provides. In the UK, official statistics suggest around £77bn is passed on in inheritance each year (tax avoidance means the real amount could be even higher). That’s money that no […]

Looks like AliExpress is also in the business of selling mini Tesla coils for very reasonable prices. Buyer beware, I haven’t found any reviews hosted elsewhere from the site itself.