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Always pay attention to who has information first — it will help you figure out who they have sending them information privately, Similarly, abhor the people who do not credit their sources. The other day I wrote about Rebel Media hold-out Laura Loomer making a terrible mistake by tweeting at the FBI in a way that made […]

One of Laura Loomer’s biggest sins is that she attempts to cultivate e-cred for being a total nerd who understands internet culture and trolling, but alas, she is a normie. A normie is difficult to define but in this context it means that she is not “of the internet” and has learned about internet culture through offline […]

Catch up on the saga here: Laura Loomer Is A Liar: New Tires Edition Laura Loomer Is A Liar: Gateway Pundit Is Angry Edition We left off a few days ago when Loomer had managed to make her fellow travelers at Gateway Pundit look foolish and her obvious tire dry rot had even been dunked on by […]

If you haven’t read Part 1: Laura Loomer Is A Liar: New Tires Edition In the previous article I drew attention to the importance of Gateway Pundit in this whole shebang. Well, Gateway has deleted their story about the slashed tire and Twitter sleuths have been doing a number on destroying her narrative. I’ll post the tweets […]

The story of Laura Loomer’s slashed tire plays out the same as many of her stories: A tempest in a teacup that gets amplified through the corridor of Gateway News. Jim Hoft the Gateway Pundit used to provide some damn fine commentary and some of his staff’s efforts still hold water. So why single them out? To […]

It has been brought to my attention that both Laura Loomer and Jovi Val are receiving free plastic surgery from Dr. Joseph “#DrRedPill” Pober, despite their multiple GoFundMe and WeSearchr campaigns that indicate that they need funding to pay for these surgeries. Donating and supporting someone who needs reconstructive surgery is laudable, but Loomer is getting herself […]

If you’ve been following the saga. I called out Loomer for raising money for legal fees while simultaneously getting a nose job from the same plastic surgeon who agreed to do free work for her friend Jovi Val who got bottled for mouthing off about his MAGA hat, and she made several enemies by making fun of […]

On social media, one of the purposes of trolling someone is to get under their skin enough that it causes them to tweet or post in a way they normally wouldn’t. One example of this would be to troll a female about her looks or weight until she posts a photo proving she’s pretty or not fat. […]

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