Boogie2988’s Divorce Stream

While I was busy, Boogie2988 took time during one of his Twitch streams to let us all know he’s separating from his wife.

After leaving the stream briefly to answer a text from her, he returned and gave this snippet of a conversation:

I don’t follow Boogie but as a casual /fit/ browser he’s constantly there, asking for me to pay for his healthcare. I know that he’s due for weight loss surgery shortly and that as with any surgery, having a good home environment is crucial for success.

But that’s not what I wanted to underline. One of my rules of order is that you shouldn’t put your personal relationship or your significant other online with you. Partly for that if and when things go tits up, the rest of us aren’t there to feast on your sadness, and partly for that it’s not fair if one person has a much wider audience than the other. You’re setting up for the lesser party to be muh harassed into oblivion if you are the first out of the gate telling your legions of fans that wifey’s through with your stupid face.

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