Breaking Up With Your (Unshaven Hipster) Type

I’ve grown very familiar with the eye roll since I’ve started dating again. Here are some words that will generally elicit a roll: Hillary, Clinton, feminist, patriarchy, Beyoncé, fertility, privilege, consent, “Ghostbusters.”

Breaking up with my type: How I learned to stop worrying and let myself loathe the men I once desired – Emily J. Smith, Salon, October 2013

Modern women are in a sad state.

We’ve been told that we can have anything that we want. And we can! A woman can be a Prime Minister, or a President! The Queen of England has the entire commonwealth under her care.

But this is a terrible approach for dating.

You shouldn’t approach dating with a list of what you want, but rather start with a list of what you are and what you offer. Then, you should figure out the kind of guy that is best suited to you. If you’re 25, the kind of guy you ought to look for is different 10 years later. A 35 year old woman can no longer go for the man a few years older and more successful. A 35 year old woman would not be attracted to a well-heeled 40 year old man, but she might find herself a compatible mate in a 32 year old man who has the same salary as her.

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