The Forgotten Religions that Worshipped Electricity

But the most electrically charged sect of all was the 19th-century invention known as Spiritualism. Spiritualism started in 1848, when Margaret and Kate Fox of Hydesville, New York, claimed to have made contact with the ghost of a murdered drifter. Their communication with this lost soul consisted of a series of rappings and tapping deeply reminiscent of Morse code, or the electric language that was used to send the first telegraph (which curiously read “What Hath God Wrought!”) just four years earlier in 1844. Telegraphy and Spiritualism were so linked that communication with the dead was often called “the spiritual telegraph.”

No, sorry, this article includes nothing about Zeus’s thunderbolts or Thor’s thunderbolts or Indra’s thunderbolts.

The closest thing the Egyptians had to a thunder god was Set. I would put forth Bastet the cat-headed goddess as the next best thing, if you think static electricity counts.

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