Jessi Slaughter is back (with they/them pronouns)

Jessi Slaughter became a viral meme at age 11 after posting a video on YouTube about her ‘haters’ and her looks
The internet quickly turned on Jessi and began harassing her with death threats and insults, which destroyed her family life
She was placed into foster care after the video exacerbated her abusive father’s rage
The following year her father died and she eventually returned to live with her mother
Jessi now goes by the name Damien and prefers to be refereed to with they/them pronouns
They said six years later they are now able to help others deal with online harassment

Internet: The cause of your problems, or the place your problems metastasize?

Other than Boxxy, I don’t know of any meme people who were generally well adjusted who managed to find viral fame. But then, Boxxy didn’t make her videos to contribute or feed drama, she was doing them for her buddy Mouldy Lunchbox.

The internet didn’t ruin your life, Jessi.

If it wasn’t for YouTube, you would’ve found another way to drive your life off the rails.

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