Milo Throws Laura Loomer & Jovi Val Under The Bus

It has been brought to my attention that both Laura Loomer and Jovi Val are receiving free plastic surgery from Dr. Joseph “#DrRedPill” Pober, despite their multiple GoFundMe and WeSearchr campaigns that indicate that they need funding to pay for these surgeries. Donating and supporting someone who needs reconstructive surgery is laudable, but Loomer is getting herself a fancy new nosejob and has already received lip injections.

From her WeSearchr:

All funds raised by this bounty will be sent to Jovi Val, of New York City, who was violently attacked on Thursday, July 6, 2017, by Leonardo Heinert and Emma Rodriguez, to be used for defraying medical and legal costs associated with the attack, and financal [sic] assistance proceeding therefrom.

Why is this so hilarious?

  1. I am a contributor to Right Wing News, the site that hosted this interview and has been vocal in their denunciation of her remarks.
  2. Milo Yiannopoulos is the one who posted a damaging video of Loomer a few days ago where she joked about beautiful Aryans and gassing Jewish people. I won’t link it here.

This is a surgical washing of hands before everyone throws her under the bus. I’ve been hearing from right wingers of all stripes and many are amazed at how thoroughly she’s crippled herself through her own actions.

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