Sunday, July 23

Marilyn Monroe visiting the troops in Korea in 1954.


How Did Anyone Do Math in Roman Numerals?

When it came to manipulating numbers, the Romans were pragmatists, not theoreticians. As you suggest, conquest, commerce, and engineering were their domains, all fields that do require a certain computational acumen. But the average Roman citizen learned only basic arithmetic in school, under the tutelage of a calculator, as math instructors were often called, unless he or she (but almost always he) needed greater knowledge for professional purposes.

Cosmetics Giant Lush Accepts Bitcoin

Lush believes that the global payment system will allow them to get more involved in charity work where banking regulations and cross border transaction would usually hinder progress.

The transparent nature of its transactions, as well as the unlimited nature of its reach, means that the company can utilize the digital currency for more projects beyond simple sales.

This is only the beginning for the cosmetics company as they admit there is more to digital currencies than just the tokens. Lush sees this acceptance as the first steps in delving into Blockchain technology in order to provide: “an ethical viewpoint on its possibilities.”

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