Trolling: Should You Post A Selfie Now?

On social media, one of the purposes of trolling someone is to get under their skin enough that it causes them to tweet or post in a way they normally wouldn’t.

One example of this would be to troll a female about her looks or weight until she posts a photo proving she’s pretty or not fat. Posting the photo means the trolling got into your head and caused you to post in a way you normally wouldn’t. If you post selfies every day, then you are already inoculated from the Jubilant Selfie, unless you tag it or write something different on it than usual. Posting your daily selfie and saying HATERS GONNA HATE means that you’re responding, on at least one level, to the trolling.

This week’s Twitter voyage included some poor form trolling from Laura Loomer and Jovi Val directed at me.

Unfortunately, they are using trolling tactics that are years out of date.

There are new methods for dealing with this kind of attempted jimmy rustling, but a beginner’s guide would recommend that you subvert the expectations.

Instead of posting a selfie with a HAY GURL HATERS GON HATE message, post a flattering selfie but wearing a fake hospital band, or with ketchup covered wrists with an overblown comment saying that you tried to commit suicide but the doctor said you can’t overdose on Flintstones vitamins or that you were too scared to cut yourself so you’re publishing an artistic rendition of the sweet release of death.

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