Canadian Bar Faces Bad Reviews After Kicking Out the Proud Boys

Halifax, Nova Scotia. My home town!

From our terrible newspaper, The Chronicle Herald, whose writing staff has been on strike for well over a year:

A Halifax axe-throwing bar has received a barrage of online hate for declining to serve the Proud Boys.

Jeffrey Schade, an axe-throwing coach at the Timber Lounge in Halifax’s north end, wrote on Facebook that the bar has faced a rash of negative reviews after asking the members of the Proud Boys to leave their establishment on the weekend.

…Many of the Facebook reviews — which cannot be deleted — criticize the bar for discriminating on the Proud Boys’ “political beliefs,” which Schade says “is false and doesn’t need any further justification.”

The Facebook reviews are coming in fast from both sides of the aisle.

Myself, visiting The Timber Lounge was next on my list of fun local activities to try but I would rather not give them my money. They can refuse service if they want, and I can politely refuse to attend their establishment. They will be hosting a morale-boosting get-together tomorrow afternoon, and I will not be attending. They’re right in my neighborhood so it wouldn’t be too much trouble to put on my best MAGA hat, buy a bullhorn and start screaming about immigration or Seth Rich or whatever the kids find the most triggering these days, but it’s even less trouble to ignore them and wait for the the new axe-throwing bar to open an hour away in Kentville next month.

If we had a friendly Soros on our side, it wouldn’t be an insane idea to propose buying one of these axe-throwing franchises and opening up right across the street with lower prices. But unfortunately, just as I am unwilling to show up to riot, we are all generally unwilling to start a business purely out of spite.

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