Joy Villa is Actively Being Censored By YouTube

Singer songwriter Joy Villa (the MAGA dress lady) is making the rounds on right wing and free speech circuits due to active censorship of one of her songs by YouTube.

She tweeted on Saturday 26 August 2017:

YouTube’s methods of censorship through view count and comment manipulation are explained in this five minute, 27 March 2017 video entitled A Tale Of Two Accounts by Mister Metokur.

A few hours later, Joy tweeted that she reuploaded the video.

She continues to reach out, and her story is passing through the fast-responding channels like The Independent Journal Review (Joy Villa Is Given 48 Hours to Remove ‘Make America Great Again’ Song for Violating YouTube Standards, 26 August 2017), TheBlaze (YouTube targets multiple pro-Trump musical artists, 26 August 2017) before moving on to Fox News (Joy Villa: YouTube Took Down My ‘Make America Great Again’ Song, 28 August 2017)

I like Joy. I’m biased towards women who commit to red lips and she could easily be out selling her back workout routine instead of records.

We’ll be seeing her carry the mid-week human interest on conservative sites and if YouTube doubles down and deletes her re-upload (and if she continues to earn Amazon sales), there’s a good change this’ll carry into next weekend.

5 Comments on “Joy Villa is Actively Being Censored By YouTube”

  1. Don’t get me started about YouTube! The only way I know whether or not ANYONE is viewing videos on my channel is when I get an email from YT telling me there has been a copyright dispute. The first time it happened (I think I have three or four of them now) I had to give my head a shake. The music in question was buried so deep in the background that even the best Spyware in the land couldn’t locate it.

    This, by the way, was a fluke. Only weeks before I figured out how to activate the mic on my crappy little digital camera when recording a video. So, YT rewarded me with a Copyright dispute. Lucky for me YT kindly explained that I did not have to respond and I did not have to do anything as they would take care of everything. Well, I did not respond.

    That’s because I rarely check the fake email account I had to use in order to launch my 32nd YT Channel. Then one day I happened to accidently click on the video and noticed that some stupid banner message was scrolling along the bottom indicating that if you really liked the song playing during my video THAT YOU COULD BARELY HEAR NOR RECOGNIZE you could order it directly from (insert name of popular online music service that has killed the music industry and does not endorse my YT Channel in any way therefore not deserving of an actual name mention in this comment…you know what I mean).

    Where was I going here?

    Oh, right. So much for free speech.

  2. It’s good Joy Villa did not give up. Google seems to be favoring anti-trump voices as it’s controlled by elites. During election times, Pro-trump blogs were getting Hillary Clinton’s Adsense ads that explains. YouTube is just another way to suppress pro-trump voices. Keep it up Joy!
    PS: I’d love to buy my GF Joy’s back workout routines 😉

  3. I’ve come to love the courage and confidence of Joy Villa . Youtube and its parent company Google are cold to all celebrities who have chosen to go with Trump. How possible will views be views be 60K and suddenly reduces to 53K. Even with all this backlash against her. She keeps proofing she is not gonna ever give up and i advise all anti-trumps to remain quite.

  4. I’ll start off by saying I have no idea who Joy Villa is, never heard of her. Additionally, I don’t agree with her message. However, I will say that if they did nothing that violated the YouTube/Google terms of use then their videos should be left alone no matter Pro Trump or Anti Trump. Not much else to say about that.

  5. I’ve never heard of Joy Villa myself, but I know YouTube has been working to censor conservative voices for some time. All sorts of material is getting flagged, demonetized, and removed without warning or reason. More YouTubers need to find alternatives when they are affected by this sort of action.

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