Laura Loomer Claiming Scoop on FBI Investigation of weev et al

Always pay attention to who has information first — it will help you figure out who they have sending them information privately,

Similarly, abhor the people who do not credit their sources.

The other day I wrote about Rebel Media hold-out Laura Loomer making a terrible mistake by tweeting at the FBI in a way that made it obvious that someone else was telling her what to write.

And now that the obvious (that they were under FBI investigation regardless of Loomer’s tweet) is being confirmed, but not by Loomer. She has been taught by her brook shilling friends that it’s okay to steal what Twitter user James B. James regularly has access to White House intel before the rest of the pack, and Loomer isn’t willing to give him the credit.

Five hours later, Lee Stranahan credits Loomer with the info:

I would link Loomer’s tweet but she blocked me after I asked her why she was spending WeSearchr money on a nose job.

Trusting people who do not credit their sources should be punished as severely as college kids who steal ideas online and forget to add a footnote. Loomer’s terrible track record of spreading vicious rumors and attacking right wingers (from moderates all the way to the altright) is not going to improve if she keeps this one woman show going.

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  1. Sam P. says:

    I agree that we need to move away from anonymous sources. Everyone today is speaking on the condition of anonymity. I never see anything on Twitter that doesn’t go something to the effect of, “A source says…” We have to press for on the record sources before taking anything to heart.

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