Laura Loomer Is A Liar: Everyone Is Laughing At You Now Edition

Catch up on the saga here:

Laura Loomer Is A Liar: New Tires Edition
Laura Loomer Is A Liar: Gateway Pundit Is Angry Edition

We left off a few days ago when Loomer had managed to make her fellow travelers at Gateway Pundit look foolish and her obvious tire dry rot had even been dunked on by the Michelin Man.

Here are some of the notes and dates we should consider in the unfolding of the upbraiding of Miss Loomer.

2 August – LAWereWolf posted a previously-recorded 20 minute phonecall with Loomer where he explains she was doxed because she’s been angering a lot of people in the right wing, from the moderates to the altright.

3 August – Mundane Matt posted Rebel Media’s Laura Loomer says her tire was slashed, but was it? on YouTube.

4 August – Jalopnik, a left wing car site affiliated with Jezebel and Kotaku posted this recap: There’s A Huge Ridiculous Twitter Fight Happening Right Now About A Shitty Tire.

4 August – A member at the Volkswagen enthusiast forum, VW Vortex, posted a thread titled Someone slashed Lauras tires! in Off-Topic.

4 August – Bored Panda posted Woman Posts Pics Of Her ‘Slashed Tire’ On Twitter, But Someone Quickly Proves She’s Lying And It’s Hilarious and at the time of this writing, the article has 1.6 million views.

4 August – Twitter user @CBlackSerpent contacts the repair shop that Loomer visited, shocking nobody with their honest reply.

And now, it’s heading into Mainstream Media territory, starting with the Sun Newspaper.

In the article, they don’t make a fuss over the conservative connection, so I doubt the author went further than read the BoredPanda article.

A POLITICAL activist has been caught out on social media after claiming her tyre had been slashed.

But can you tell from the pictures below what really happened to US journalist Laura Loomer’s car?

I hear a lot of gossip, and it aligns with the LAWereWolf video posted above. Loomer isn’t getting dunked on because we just want to pick on her, she’s getting dunked on because this is how retaliation and warning letters work in an online space.

The stupid Shakespeare stunt I can forgive (and the earlier Chelsea Clinton book-signing stunt was a bit strange but proved that Loomer can be brave) but when she mocked my medical condition it proved that she was too quick on the draw to bother Google searching my name to find the good will and affection I have for many of the people she works with and is attempting to impress. I’m a bit of a shoddy Catholic but I know I can forgive anyone, but Loomer does not appear to be on the path to penance.

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