Laura Loomer Is A Liar: Gateway Pundit Is Angry Edition

If you haven’t read Part 1:

Laura Loomer Is A Liar: New Tires Edition

In the previous article I drew attention to the importance of Gateway Pundit in this whole shebang. Well, Gateway has deleted their story about the slashed tire and Twitter sleuths have been doing a number on destroying her narrative.

I’ll post the tweets in the order that things started to break down and reference a few other news articles, but I want to say two things to start:

  1. I told you that once something appears on Gateway Pundit and is commented on by other flunkies, more reputable sources are compelled to comment, too. But this time, they aren’t commenting in a positive fashion.
  2. Loomer will next try to turn this into an opportunity to be a victim of even more doxing.

I’ll get to the doxing thing at the end and explain why everyone seems to have her home address and phone number. Now, the tweets.

First, Loomer has her tire replaced. So now she has at least one street legal tire and three more that are also begging to wear out, too. The comments on the tweet point out that the office will write whatever you want to start. Remember, this is the repair order, not an invoice, and certainly not an investigative document.

And this is one detail I didn’t notice — that Loomer also posted a service sheet that was filled out to describe a slashed tire, but forgot to blank out the part of the sheet that indicates that it is to be filled in by the customer. The handwriting on the signature matches the handwriting on “other concerns” that reads:

“Right front tire had multiple cuts in side wall tire needed to replaced appears to have been slashed”

If you take a look at the two sheets Loomer posted and look closely at the word “cuts” you can see that she was the one who filled out BOTH sheets, not some unnamed mechanic.

Let’s move on to the other, more reputable outlets I mentioned earlier.

First, The Daily Caller posted this in reference to the doomed Gateway article mentioned in my previous post.

Just so we’re clear: Gateway Pundit may call Loomer, a former operative with James O’Keefe‘s Project Veritas, “fearless,” but The Mirror will not. There’s nothing “fearless” about claiming your tires were slashed so strangers can feel sorry for you when really what you need to do is go to a fucking tire center once in awhile to get the air checked — in this case, in her head — and make sure no nails have made their way into her tires.

Here’s the update: “A mechanic called us to say the tires may not have been slashed. This may have been a blowout.”

Which may be even more problematic. So a mechanic just happened upon the post and called bullshit?

A story based on poor reporting is never going to end well.

And it was extended to add these notes:

“It was sent to us by a source that was apparently mislead, the error was corrected within 15 minutes of it being up,” said White House correspondent Lucian Wintrich, speaking on behalf of his boss Jim Hoft.

He added, “Not sure how this is a story. But you do you.”

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit has removed the story from its site.

A few hours later, Mediaite posted this piece, entitled Annoying Shakespeare Crasher Whines About Slashed Tire – Apparently It’s Just A Shitty Tire.

Soon, thousands of Twitter users replied to Loomer’s allegation with various insults about her decrepit old tire.

In response to the onslaught, Loomer sent out a message to those refusing to stand with her: “I’m not going to defend people I disagree w/ when they won’t defend me and my tire,” she wrote, defiantly.

As some have pointed out, this wouldn’t be the first time Loomer pulled an absurd stunt to generate publicity. In 2015, she was suspended from Barry University after she tried to start a pro-ISIS Club, with the help of Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe.

This must all be very painful for poor Ms. Loomer.

So what’s next?

Complaining about being doxed, that’s what!

At this point, her phone number and address are available if you know where to look. No, I won’t repost them here. But there are two reasons I have had multiple people volunteer her information to me: She throws herself at any man who will listen, and she has pissed off so many people on the right that they are leaking her information in retaliation for being such a gossipy, condescending lil muppet with a penchant for spreading rumors and disinformation about conservatives from across the spectrum.

Her information is everywhere, and I think this will inform the next leg of her stunt. She will now be pushing with the idea that her dox is being spread by anti-Semitic haters and trolls, and if that doesn’t work she’ll say that her dox is being spread by anti-Semitic left wing haters and trolls. There’s already a post on one board suggesting that the reader should attempt to slash her throat instead of just her tire, but it sounds very suspicious in origin. That’s not how that board writes. An outsider wrote that.

Don’t get me wrong, death threats are bad and they are one of the few forms of free speech that ought to land you a visit from the cops. But it’s wrong to suggest that this is a legitimate threat because it does not read like one. You can’t hold this anonymous board’s writing style to the same standards as real life or Twitter or Facebook. You’re not supposed to read it as a threat because unless you have a thorough understanding of the language usage on that board, you’re not even supposed to be able to find the rabbit hole, let alone fall into it.

If she manages to get the dox/death threat angle on the go, then we’re stuck with this damn story for another few days of the social media news cycle, going at least until Monday morning for final thoughts.

If I could recommend her next step, I would suggest bypassing internet-based news sites and go straight to a morning show on Fox News to discuss how the left wing found her information and are calling and harassing her, but the right wing are using it to stage death threats and now she needs to co-opt the Proud Boys (holyshitleavetheProudBoysaloneitsamensorganizationgetthefuckoutwoman) to be her protectors.

Oh, and she’ll need another $35,000 for a new bodyguard.

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