Laura Loomer: Picking A Fight With weev Edition

One of Laura Loomer’s biggest sins is that she attempts to cultivate e-cred for being a total nerd who understands internet culture and trolling, but alas, she is a normie. A normie is difficult to define but in this context it means that she is not “of the internet” and has learned about internet culture through offline means, and not having learned it by experimenting herself.

And now, we have more evidence that she hasn’t the foggiest clue as to what she’s getting into. In this case, she tweets to the FBI about an age-old Internet personality that for one the FBI already knows about and for two is not someone that you should attempt to piss off or out-troll.

Here is the tweet:

Loomer here is calling attention to a fella named weev (Andrew Aurenheimer) who is both the father of modern trolling and turned to white supremacy after a stint in jail over, as he put it, doing arthimetic and releasing poorly secured information stored on AT&T’s servers. If you’ve been on the internet for a long time you know that it’s best to leave some people alone. The internet isn’t real life — you can let someone like weev alone and things will be fine. But, we know that Loomer is a normie here because she spells the name weev with a capital W and she actually makes the profoundly stupid mistake of calling him out as if no one has ever heard of him.¬†She has painted a massive target on her back, and what is worse is that because of the spelling error of weev’s name we know that she was set up to say this by someone who knew that this would turn out poorly. She ought to have been warned that this will lead to every bit of personal information she has on cloud storage being leaked.

Laura. The internet is not real life, and you are not its police officer. There are still people like weev who represent the Wild West side of the WWW and you are not prepared to ride into town and save the townsfolk. Whoever told you to target weev is being cruel because they did not tell you that admidst the white supremacy you’ve figured out, he is also the troll par excellence and invented the techniques we all still use today. There is no winning this fight. The only way to win is to Delete Everything and leave the internet forever.

To people to don’t know weev, this sounds like a threat, and I’d like to say that this is absolutely not. I am just here to comment on the interactions of conservatives on social media, and everyone who knows weev’s history will agree that I am not even predicting half of what will soon happen because of this Twitter fight.

This is not going to end well.

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