Mailbag #1

When i’m not answering business inquiries and or relaying the positive feedback to Margaret, i’m skimming over badly worded hate mail. But every once in awhile I can’t help myself and show the negative bits to her. Simply because they make us giggle, One such example comes from our dear friend anonymous.

What the hell happened to you? You’re friends with racists, support their ideology, spout their phrases and rhetoric. You’re a stupid girl from Cape Breton. Is your family embarrassed of you? I couldn’t imagine any of the people you counted among friends in Antigonish being able to even tolerate listening to the things you say now.  Disappointing.

Throwing around words like “racist” without providing the slightest bit of evidence really doesn’t help their case, I call this writer Anonymous because they used a throwaway email with a scrambling of words that looked like a ransom letter. At least the unabomber signed his packages. If people are so proud of what they have to say, why do they need to hide their alias on the most discreet forum of contact possible, email.

Unfortunately anonymous would prefer to hide in his root cellar, where obesity is his defining feature, and hate for women only shows stronger with each sausage finger clack of his expensive gaming keyboard. I’m sorry women won’t sleep with you, maybe taking out your 30 year old virgin columbine rage online is not the best way to ail your anger.

When I forwarded this to Margaret, she said “The people who want to threaten me as subtlety as they can always mention personal details like the town I went to school in, the area my people are from and tie it in with mentioning my family. It is a MUH THREAT because they want me to think they know all my personal info and they’re going to call up my parents and tattle on me, because they probably don’t believe I have a real job and pay my own bills. Bite me, you angry loser.”

I suggest yoga at the very least 30 minutes a day with a healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables, but first you should clean your room enough to where you don’t have to hopscotch around the garbage piles to get into your battle station were I assume you spend 38 hours a day browsing image boards wondering what could have happened if you just said yes a few more times in life. But, that’s just my advice.




3 Comments on “Mailbag #1”

  1. Going through the example you posted, it became clear to me that the hate message was politically motivated. People do forget that political ideology of everybody can’t be the same otherwise there wouldn’t be any reason for electioneering in the first place.

    Anyone can befriend anybody and support whatever ideology he or she chooses to. And I strongly believe that in politic, we need an environment where debates are intense but where the love of country and respect for each other is utmost.

  2. Chima got it well; political tolerance is the way to go! Threatening someone or making derogatory statements against anybody because of difference in belief is cowardly and uncalled for.

  3. I really became less bothered when I read the unmasking of the threat maker as an anonymous and disposable email user, because he has proven to be a coward. Well, I do treat such users(people who hide to bark) as non-existing.

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