Quick Thoughts on “The AltRight” As A Term

Today I listened to a new Millennial Woes video (here) entitled The Rotten Skeptic Community: A Storm and a Tea Cup that deals with the recent interactions between Rage After Storm and Kraut and Tea, two content producers with whom I admit I have little experience. I’ve heard the whole story now, but only from one side, so I’ll decline to complete my opinions on the hubbub.

But it has prompted me to record a thought I’ve had on “The Altright” as terminology since one of my local indie papers interviewed me but with the implication that I had anything to do with the altright. I’m mostly curious in their actions because I’m a long-time reader of TakiMag and I know that the altright, for all intents and purposes, evolved in their comment section, and I’m amazed at how far and wide the meme has spread.

I’m of the opinion that the term altright continues to thrive is that the left wants to keep it alive. They no longer have to paint someone as a Nazi (which can be difficult with someone like me whose family has a reasonably hardcore history of killing Nazis) or an anti-Semite (which can be difficult with someone like me because I commit the sin of being pro-Israel). They only have to call “ALTRIGHT!” and I am automatically a sympathizer to the two positions above.

The “You’re a NAZI” defense sure has taken root in the left-wing, despite Nazi meaning National Socialist, but back to the topic:

That “altright” will continue to gain in popularity as it continues to be a fast and easy way to declare someone a Bad Man. You can be accused of an altright sin (such as being a longtime reader of TakiMag) and bam! All the rest of the Bad Man Connotations appear as well.

My political beliefs could probably use a rehash since they’re more circa 2008 and monarchist, but “Margaret is a Canadian-style conservative” doesn’t have the same oomph as “Margaret is an American-style altright Bad Woman.”

Another thought:

Everyone who uses altright as a Bad Mad signifier is without exception atheistic.

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