Reagan Battalion Set To Be Doxed

Happening now: @GoldTeethXXX on Twitter is leaving breadcrumbs about the people behind The Reagan Battalion.

The confirmed founders are listed as:

The Reagan Battalion is still wishing, waiting for the Foolish Foam Boy Marco Rubio to be graced into the White House, and right now Susan Goldstein is busy deleting evidence of a social formation from her Twitter.

Deleting things on social media is fine and not suspicious. Doing it while you’re caught in lies just makes you look suspicious.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the hashtag #ReaganBattalionLeaks as this unfolds.

I never quite liked Rick Wilson after hearing this 24 August 2015 episode of the Rush Limbaugh Show where guest host Mark Steyn spent part of the show dragging him for being all talk and no action.

“…what’s this Rick Wilson, the guy I mentioned? The guy who was doing the prostitute jokes about Ann Coulter? He’s tweeting something about how he wants to come on the show, is that right? Rick Wilson wants to come and have at me, does he? 1-800-282-2882, speak to Mr. Snerdly, Rick Wilson, and I’m happy to have at you.”

This was in reference to this tweet:

Mark Steyn had first opened fire on Rick Wilson in this 29 July 2015 in his piece The Consultant-Industrial Complex:

Responding to my attack on the GOP’s consultant class, one of its most eminent members, Rick Wilson, responds:

@WillvonKaenel @MarkSteynOnline Weird. There are twice as many elected Rs in the county [sic] today than 15 years ago. Yeah, we built that.

Built what? If the purpose of a political party is to elect officeholders to sit in offices, you’re doing great. But that’s kind of Trump’s point, isn’t it?

So if Rick Wilson is proven to be one of the puppeteers of The Reagan Battalion, I’m sure we can hear Mark Steyn talk about either tomorrow or Friday because he’s at the Golden EIB Microphone all this week for Rush.

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  1. Gail Johnson says:

    These people don’t have the guts and honor to do it publicly. They think that by hiding behind fake walls they can do anything. It used to work for them. Not anymore. Guys keep exposing them!

  1. August 29, 2017

    […] On 23 August 2017 I wrote that the Reagan Battalion was set to be doxed. […]

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