Salon: William Shatner is Ripping on SJWs, wtf I Hate Star Trek Now!

From the idiots at Salon, specifically, Matthew Rozsa, MA in History from Rutgers:

Regarding his claims about so-called “SJWs” wanting superiority instead of equality, it is worth noting that his line of reasoning sounds an awful lot like the tripe you tend to find on Reddit. This is, most likely, not a coincidence.

…So how do we reconcile the 1968 Shatner who fought for racial equality with the 2017 Shatner who rants against social justice activists?

William Shatner, who famously participated in the first interracial kiss on television (more on that below), is now too filthy for modern progs. See, Star Trek and Shatner’s place in it was wildly progressive in the 1960s (if we assume progressive = communist), but current progressives are willing to reject that heritage. And in another few decades, what’s currently progressive will be considered brash and cruel.

That was from the Star Trek episode Plato’s Stepchildren which was an oddball of a story. It is usually defined as showing the first interracial kiss on television, but in reality it’s not even the first interracial kiss on Star Trek.

That honor goes to the 1967 episode Space Seed (a.k.a. The One That Introduced Khaaaaaaaan) where Khan Noonien Singh, portrayed by the Hispanic Ricardo Montalbán, kissed Lt. Marla McGivers, portrayed by Madlyn Rhue (birth surname Madeleine Roche, so I assume she is Norman French).