Sunday, August 6

Marlene Dietrich in Kismet (1944)

Protostarr Allows Investors to Support Rising YouTube and Twitch Stars through Ethereum Smart Contracts

These platforms are full of up-and-coming celebrities who just need an opportunity to spread their wings and possibly overtake PewDiePie’s 56.7 million subscribers. To really compete, they need to buy expensive recording equipment and spend a lot of time growing their channel. This means they’ll need money to survive before making it big, so funding is holding back many content creators from chasing their dreams.

Mister Metokur – I Hope You Can Speak Chinese

It may be time to realistically address the totality of [the suppression of free speech and conservative viewpoints on Google and YouTube) and prepare for the inevitable outcome.

There’s a manifesto criticizing Google’s diversity efforts circulating inside the company

Motherboard first reported on the existence of the document making the rounds, which Googlers condemned on Twitter. In it, the author of the “manifesto” appears to try to argue that the gender gap in technology is not a product of discrimination — but rather inherent biological differences between men and women in general.


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    […] the firing of James Damore, the author of the “Google Manifesto,” the pushback has been […]