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The political spiritual extension of Kiwi Farms, RightWingDoxSquad is now open for business. I noticed it was parked recently, but checking in now it looks like a fully functional site dedicated to the left wingers who attack and vilify certain members of the right. Their About page indicates that all information is obtained via basic internet searches. In the last few months, the definition of “doxing” has been in turmoil and websites like Twitter now consider the revelation of private information to no longer be considered a true “doxing” if the information is readily available via internet searches.

“We are here to expose the hypocrisy of alt-left extremists like Dr Joe Mulhall who frequently post the personal details of anyone they disagree with politically.”

The RWDS (their name an homage to Right Wing Death Squads) appears to have an initial focus on the directors of HOPE not Hate, an English-based “anti-fascist” organization that attacks anti-Muslim bloggers. Nigel Farage recently called them “extremists.”

Edit: Though “Right Wing” is the branding, this is very much an altright website. If you are curious about altright priorities and beliefs, then this site will fill some of that in for you. I don’t think they’ll be doxing lefties who attack moderates or conservatives, rather they will focus on lefties who attack those with altright political beliefs. I’ve changed some language on here to clarify that it’s altright in focus, instead of vaguely conservative in nature.

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11 Responses

  1. Barbara James says:

    I am with you to protest Mr. Joe’s activities. I am agree to this word that “We are here to expose the hypocrisy of alt-left extremists like Dr Joe Mulhall who frequently post the personal details of anyone they disagree with politically.” Alright now we have to go through the dark line to enlighten the world for the next generation. Go ahead Right Wing Dox Squad… Youth are with you.

  2. Mary Perez says: is a great website. Every altright member should read, bookmark and share it. Leftists are in danger now. Haha. We are with you guys. Our moral values and political views should be aligned to our faith. Right Wing Dox Squad is the right step in that goal. We are with you.

  3. Rose Schmidt says:

    Hey Margaret,
    If private information is readily available on the internet, then how can it be doxing? Anyone who really wants this information can find it online if they look for it well enough.
    However, the HOPE and Hate “extremists” have every right to stop anti-Muslim bloggers. There is a right to religion, you know.

  4. Jarrod Stanford says:

    Conservative or democratic is not a mention on this virtual area. We can build our dream together for the future generation. The political power is on the people. We demand you to go ahead with new site: Right Wing Dox Squad. Super moment we have and we can change ourselves to get a success… Thanks Margaret..

  5. Renelis Abreu says:

    It’s a great website, I don’t see it wrong; it is public information anyways.

  6. Joel Campbell says:

    As said by Rose Schmidt’ there is a right to religion for everyone, that brings the whole purpose for Hope not hate a greater one. In this modern technological advance there will always be people who would hate and challenge others choice of religion and as well there will be groups like HOPE not HATE to minimize the influence of hatred activities. With RDWS their actions are acceptable and i will personally be a fan of their website hence forth.

  7. Cole Rosa says:

    Sometimes I wonder if politics should be about nation building or it should be about democrats and conservatives? Extremism is of the stone age and it’s long gone. People like Dr. Joe Mulhal need to be told that even in his household, all views can’t be the same.

    I’m moving straight to join RWDS!

  8. Sandra John says:

    If RWDS can be faithful to this statement: “Everything we publish is public information found via basic google searches and social media, nothing we do is illegal and we are not threatening violence or harassing anyone,” then they can enjoy my support.

    I became anti-Dr. Joe Mulhal when I discovered that most of his publications were erroneous and biased.

  9. Lizzy Wayne says:

    Personally I don’t believe that doxing is entirely wrong; especially when the information used are gotten from public places. However, releasing people’s restricted or undisclosed information in other to harass, threaten or intimidate them is bad and unethical.

    Just like Sandra said above, Dr. Joe’s publications are sometimes erroneous and misleading otherwise, he has a right to what he’s doing.

  10. Sam P. says:

    It is interesting that Twitter now considers the revelation of private information to no longer be considered a true “doxing” if the information is readily available via internet searches. How much information is usually readily available? If it is public information, you really have to think about the ethical implications.

  11. Janet S says:

    Still confused why getting information via basic internet search and publishing should be considered doxing. The web is all about information, and is accessible to everyone. So anybody putting his personal details on the web publicly shouldn’t complain of doxing whatever reason because he has already “doxed” himself..

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