Roger Stone’s Amateur Legal Defense Fund Site

Alex Pfeiffer at the Daily Caller has written up Roger Stone Jr.’s legal woes.

Trump confidant Roger Stone told The Daily Caller Tuesday that a lawsuit and congressional inquires will likely cost him at least $500,000 in legal fees.

Stone has set up a legal defense fund at to help offset the costs.

Quick rundown on the site:

  • WHOIS data shows that instead of paying the $10 to get private registration, the site was registered through Perfect Privacy, LLC.
  • The site was registered on 21 July 2017 on a one year lease
  • They are not currently using a Facebook pixel
  • Mailchimp widget
  • Hosted on SiteGround in Chicago

Hey Roger! Give your IT guy a bit more time, maybe $2-3000 for a week’s worth and he’ll craft you a beautiful website that will get you a lot more information on the people willing to donate to your cause.


7 Comments on “Roger Stone’s Amateur Legal Defense Fund Site”

  1. Hey, those who can’t win the election are prone to spread false lies. They don’t have shoulders big enough to take the burden of responsibility of lost election. They don’t want to accept responsiblity for their own actions. Keep up the good work Roger and prove that you were framed. Good luck. Thanks Margaret for sharing this article!

  2. Broken arrow! The political issues are very critical and criticized by others who opposite. Good luck Roger Stone and thanks to Margaret to get a new presentation for us…

  3. Obviously, Roger does not have enough funds to cater for his legal defense. Considering that hurricane Irma knocked over some of his planters in Miami, he must be going through financial troubles and he might need help offsetting his legal defense fees. Let us help raise funds to help him out and hope that justice will be served. If indeed he is being framed, the real perpetrator will eventually be held accountable and be brought to justice. Roger is being transparent and as he said, ”There is one trick that is not in my bag, and that is ‘treason.’”
    Although, he could do a better job on his website.

  4. As dirty as politics gets, So it is hard to raise funds, but on the more serious note $500, 000 on a lawsuit. After going through the website at… I ask myself… In a fully democratic Nation like USA, why wont he be given the chance to clear his name in Public.

  5. No doubt he can raise that money if he needs to in order to fund his defense. I saw some coverage of this on Twitter. I am curious to see how this plays out. It is no secret that politics is dirty and nasty. I am sure people are getting framed left and right.

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