Rumor: Breitbart to be Injected with Fistfuls of Cash

Filed under rumors but I’ve heard a few different people discuss this:

The Mercers appear to be the funders for Breitbart’s next big push. Steve Bannon left the White House in August and is looking to reinvigorate the Breitbart website.

My gut feeling says they’re moving to Roku and becoming a 24 hour channel. Then again, I’m hedging my bet and saying everyone is moving to Roku.

Of course, there’s no way they could afford this without massive wads of cash, reportedly from nebulous billionaire Mercer family.

So let’s not be too shocked if we’re told a grassroots effort from ad-clicks and book sales is bringing back the old guard of the Breitbart big names. It’s a cash injection, pure and simple, and I’d be pretty pleased they didn’t turn into the Soros-funded lefties who deny that they are beholden and bankrolled by a wealthy patron.

Patronage funded Mozart and Michelangelo. I’m not against rich patrons supporting the culture movers they enjoy, but for goodness’ sake please just be honest that you’re being funded from behind the curtain.

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3 Responses

  1. Madabar says:

    Interesting news.

  2. Jason Martin says:

    Eh, everyone needs backing, and everyone who is backed is beholden. Maybe we should stop pretending to value things that don’t exist, like impartiality and objectivity.

  3. Xavi Mortis says:

    I recently read an article here and i can bet that yesmargaret must be having a Roku subscription … lol
    Very few companies gets wads of cash coming their way, and most of these companies will surely not disclose where this funding comes from mostly in order to protect their investors. So, yesmargaret, dont be expecting Beirbart to come forward and clarify their fundings.

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