The Bogus #SavePepe Campaign

#SavePepe is a forced campaign by the people who are being sued by Matt Furie for their usage of Pepe the Frog. If I were Matt, I’d be focused more on the Pepe Coin.

I’m going to dump a bunch of archived links to the shill threads I noticed yesterday:

These threads were the pruned/deleted and could not be archived:

  • 142148713
    • OP ID:L8svImC4, includes 1505851520434.jpg, continually bumped thread before deletion
  • 142160468
    • OP ID:IlVklEO6, Swastika Flag
  • 142160468
    • OP ID:mxDHv0JJ, White Supremacist Flag, includes Kool Kids Klub.png, uploaded as 1505861894212.png
    • Includes Mad_Pepe.png from ID:HSgZO8G7, uploaded as 1505864892919.png

Here’s the language that three of these threads (142181874, 142148713 and 142160468) used:

Holy shit guys, you thought that the CNN doxxing scandal was big? This is by far a much worse. Matt Furie is declaring that anyone memeing Pepe the Frog will be sued, and he’s started by attacking Mike Cernovich, Baked Alaska, and even fucking Reddit trying to stop people from using the meme. He’s being backed by (((them))) and their lawyers. But guess what- THE COPYRIGHT EXPIRED IN 2016! Essentially, they’re trying to bully us out of using a popular meme.

>You know what we have to do.

Last time we fought for our right to anonymity, now we are going to fight for our right to meme.

>(((They))) will be met with memes and autism like the world has never seen

>Here is the plan for Operation: Nuclear Autism

1. UNITE ONCE MORE- Similar to Autism Storm, we must unite 4chan and Reddit. This shouldn’t be hard, as literally any internet user who likes to meme should want to contribute.
2. ALL OF THE PEPES- Matt doesn’t want us to be using his frog? Fuck him, flood the entire goddamn internet with Pepe’s. Regardless what you think of Pepe, you should be busy making Pepe’s and posting Pepe’s to anyplace you can. Rare Pepe’s are the best ones, make some new ones the will really piss them off. Use #OurPepes on Twitter alongside them if you are posting there. Perhaps Alex Jones will do a best rare Pepe competition like what he did during the CNN Meme War.
3. STOP THE FAKE NEWS- I would be shocked if the likes of CNN and such don’t run a couple of articles on “these internet trolls posting Nazi frogs”. If and when this happens, target them with Pepe’s as well.
4. LEGAL ASSISTANCE- As Matt is threatening to sue, we should start a legal fund of some kind to help out those he’s threatening. Regardless if you like Mike Cernovich and the likes or not, them winning these cases will be crucial to us as a whole defending our rights to meme.

Join the Happening HQ discord for further coordination

By tomorrow, most of the poorly named .jpgs and .pngs made by whichever unpaid meme team is making these things will be uploaded and downloaded again into their properly named formats.

Don’t forget to slide all shills.

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7 Responses

  1. austino says:

    I have always remained confused whenever I come across this “savepepe” stuff. While I’m totally against the transformation of the pepe cartoon into hate symbol by any group, I do wonder if it is not effort in futility trying to control how people decide to use Pepe the Frog. Trying to do that would mean trying to control anonymous internet users which I believe is simply impossible.

  2. John white says:

    I strongly agree with Austino. It is 100% impossible to control internet users especially when it comes to sharing and using memes like “savepepe”. In some post i have read the pepe meme has been listed as a hate symbol. Anyways we will see how Matt Furie continues with his campaign.

  3. Chima says:

    I think Matt Furie should venture into more realistic struggle than this save pepe stuff. How on earth will anybody thinks that billions of internet users can be dictated to on how they decide to use any meme? Ok, let’s assume that he is able to stop those who can be tracked online, how does he plan to handle millions of people that go online anonymously?

    Pepe frog has become an ” internet thing” and would remain so.

  4. Natal Joe says:

    My question isn’t whether it is right or wrong for Mr. Furie to pursue his goal of deciding for people on the usage of pepe the dog, but my question is; how is he going to cage millions of internet users all over the world who are using the pepe meme as hate symbol? Perhaps, he wants to be remembered for trying the impossibility!

  5. Sam P. says:

    It is impossible to control internet users, especially the spread of memes on platforms like Twitter. How do they plan to contain the Pepe meme? Interesting that it is now being considered a hate symbol and they are trying to get it removed. It seems like such a far-fetched plan with unknown implications.

  6. Walter Sams says:

    People should learn the right ways to use the internet for better purposes rather than starting conflicts here and there and bringing up unnecessary quarrels that would lead nowhere. Personally, I think the Save Pepe case is blown out of proportion and the fact that people are going to get sued for ‘freely’ posting memes is even more absurd.

  7. Janet S says:

    Hey Walter Sams, I agree with you totally that we need to use the internet for a better purpose, but for one “nigga” somewhere trying to dictate to us how we use a particular meme is dumb!

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