Ali Akbar, Cernovich Deleting Infight-heavy Periscopes

Mike Cernovich (buy his book) has deleted Periscopes calling out paleocons Nick J. Fuentes and James Allsup. In the past, Cernovich has referred to Allsup a “trust fund kid” (perhaps confusing him with trust fund kid Richard Spencer). Cernovich is well known for his popular Periscope streams.

Oh, and break and enter artist Ali Akbar (@Ali) deleted his Periscope from last night where he allegedly threatened Fuentes while belittling veterans diagnosed with PTSD.

Cernovich is currently riding high on a retweet from Ann Coulter earlier today, where she further publicized a documentary entitled An Open Secret. The documentary was released for free online on Vimeo last week, despite the director spending years looking for a distribution deal. It was released to support the claims of women who accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault and had to be edited after a lawsuit was dropped against Usual Suspects director Bryan Singer. I wonder if director Amy J Berg was paid anonymously by a supporter, thereby allowing her to justify giving a product away for free.

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