IndieGoGo: Progressives Fundraising to Elect Dems with Better Tech

Tech for Campaigns: Elect Dems with Better Tech! on IndieGoGo (screengrab)

Tech for Campaigns: Elect Dems with Better Tech! on IndieGoGo (screengrab)

With over $187,000 raised so far, the IndieGoGo campaign to help “progressives and centrists win elections with top notch technology and talent” has gained considerable steam and should be able to meet its goal of $250,000 by the time the campaign ends in 19 days. So far, that six figure sum has been raised by over 500 backers.

This campaign is extremely clever and can’t go by undetected by the right. Technology and online messaging are crucial, especially in the November 2018 midterm elections. The reward tiers for the funding campaign include a $25 contribution marker called the Binder Full of Backers donation, calling back to Mitt Romney’s poor wording back in 2012.

The campaign literature is a must-read for anyone who will be working on campaigns at any point in the future, especially if like me you generally work remotely.

What is the problem?
Democrats are spending their money in all the wrong places—and Republicans are outspending & outmaneuvering us online.
Today’s voters get most of their information online. According to AdWeek, we spend 5.6 hours online every single day. In 2016, more money was spent on Internet ads than television ads in the US.

And yet, Democrats only spend 5-10% of their campaign funds on digital channels!

The names attached to the project span far and wide on the tech spectrum from Y Combinator to Facebook to Credit Karma to Amazon to Recode.

So far, the $5,000 reward tier has been met by 13 different packers.

We on the right are tremendous at working remotely with each other to track and influence messaging, but we do not have the kind of technological infrastructure that this group is intending to build. Let’s not get left behind.

Read the whole thing.

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