Joy Villa, Christian Scientologist? Twitter decides

On Friday morning Joy Villa, 26, appearing on Fox And Friends to discuss her possible Congressional run, and even earned herself a presidential endorsement via tweet.

As I previously wrote, Joy is a Scientologist, but claims to be a Christian. And Christians on Twitter are disagreeing. Even the basic fact that Scientologists believe in past lives is enough to outrage even the wackiest Christian sect. Furthermore, reasonable backlash is coming from the pro-Trump crowd who want to spread the news that she was until very recently (up to the election, in fact) both pro-Bernie and anti-Trump.

Carpetbaggers from the New Right are a yuge problem. Newcomers are always welcome to join a political movement, but they should never become its new leaders. No community can survive if their leaders are the freshest of the bunch. When was the last time you saw a Tea Partier get prime time interviews? Or are conservative media groups ignoring them in favor of new flavors with no policy?

Look at how differently she dresses. I love a red lip and classic 50s makeup and styling, but it looks like that’s only a new style for Joy. Someone is styling her differently than before, some very qualified to make makeup decisions. She looks perfect now, compared to her more eclectic and bright style from before. I’m happy to sad that I love love love her makeup and jewelry.

Also, she’s 26 which is barely above the cutoff for being eligible to be a representative, and in this author’s opinion, is simply too young to be an elected official with staff and hundreds of thousands of constituents. 

Anyway, let’s take a look at some of the discussion surrounding Joy’s politics and religion, starting with ex-Scientologist Leah Remini, who posted this on Twitter on Valentine’s Day earlier this year:

@LeahRemini, 14 February 2017, (Link, Archive Link)

And blogger Mike Rinder:

(LinkArchive Link)

Here’s Grammy nominee Vinnie James:

(LinkArchive Link)

Our best friend and cartilage queen Laura Loomer wants us to defend her t̶i̶r̶e̶  new friend, who she will totally not alienate by trash talking her in private in the next six months:

(Link, Archive Link)

Yes, the “everyone who hates _____ is jealous” defense. I’m not hate-filled. Remember when Laura went on Twitter to talk about how I’m full of shit while making fun of my medical condition, and my “hateful” response was to make a $50 donation to a charity supporting my fellow sufferers in your name? Catholics choose love and charity.

And it goes on:

Boy oh boy, Trump’s gonna be furious at whoever told him Joy was a safe bet. We know Steve Bannon has been working with her. I wonder who else?

edit: Note to self: It was the ex-Scientologists who caught wind and reported on this, months and months before the conservatives did. The ex-Scientologists who were reported on at the time by The Daily Beast, then Vinnie James the Grammy nominee. That’s on all of us in the conservosphere for welcoming a carpetbagger with open arms and good faith.

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