Labor Party Student at Bristol Set To Attack Breitbart’s Ben Kew

Chanté Joseph appears to be gearing up to attack a fellow student and Breitbart contributor Ben Kew due to That Buzzfeed Article.

Chanté, 21, is currently working on her undergrad in politics at Bristol University. She founded the O2 funded online magazine Bristol Is The New Black (Link) which focuses on “written and audio pieces seeking to unfold and raise awareness of the black Bristolian experience,” blaming the fact that only 51 “home black students” graduated from Bristol in 2015 on a “systemic lack of support and absence of a close-knit community.” She also writes for gal-dem and is a Labour Party Co-Chair at her school.

Starting with a link to That Buzzfeed Article, she writes:

I’m still spinning from this.
7 October 2017, (Link, Archive Link)

Basicallyyyy brietbart’s emails got hacked and it revealed that not only were they actually white nationalists but loads of people from MSM
7 October 2017, (Link, Archive Link)

and tech companies had been emailing their support for milo saying that they would push his agenda in their respective spaces.
7 October 2017, (Link, Archive Link)

Also a bristol university student writes for this (white nationalist organisation) yet student media is pimmm
7 October 2017, (Link, Archive Link)

She then retweeted Tom McKenzie (@TomMcKCharity) who tagged Ben directly, saying:

Buzzfeed has exposed the Breitbart, Nazism, alt-right thing & it goes all the way to Bristol & this @ben_kew guy.
7 October 2017, (Link, Archive Link)

Storm’s a brewin’.

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