Loomer, Villa, Owens – Who Is Running The New Right?

There are connections here in the New Right, and I can’t quite piece together who’s behind the scenes.

First, we have Joy Villa, Laura Loomer and Candace Owens.

Joy is a Bernie-supporting Scientologist. Loomer was recently kicked out from an organization handled by a Jeff Giesea flunky. Giesea gets paid the big bucks to consult governmental organizations on meme warfare (which is impressive for a person who can define “shitposting” in a footnote thinking it means “trolling” and not simply a waste of bandwidth), but he apparently doesn’t want Loomer around. She also hasn’t been seen with Shakespearean co-conspirator Jack Posobiec, another person rewriting his history to be super-duper Christian. And Candace Owens is a soft-serve SJW whose only tie to the internet is that she was dug up again at the end of August by a popular internet forum that tracks online nuts.

There are people who create & people who seek to tear down those creations. @LauraLoomer & @RedPillBlack r those that create. #bosses #maga
@Joy_Villa, 2:53pm EST, Thursday 26 October 2017 (Link, Archive Link)

These women are all supporting each other. Why such a motley lot? Villa recently met with Steve Bannon. Why?

Why are David Rubin, Mike Cernovich, Joy Villa and Paul Joseph Watson all rallying behind Candace Owens?

(Link, Archive Link)

Why is Joy Villa jumping at the chance to praise Loomer right after meeting Cernovich, a man who recently said he was “pivoting” away from the Trump train?

(Link, Archive Link)

edit: Rev18 is a PAC run by Jack Posobiec. Jack wants to be President in the future, to the point where he left his first wife and found a younger one while they were still married and made up the story that he met her at a Bible study.

Why does Joy go to events with Omar Navarro, a pupil of Roger Stone Jr? Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Sabo and Joe Biggs show up at those events too.

And who the heck even talks about the Deep State except for people who take InfoWars seriously?

Can some please, please tell me what’s going on here? These are all figures of the New Right. They’ve replaced the Tea Partiers. I’ve been seeing a lot of shilling for Ryan Holiday, the “Media Manipulator” who wrote Trust Me, I’m Lying. Is Ryan moving around behind the scenes?

Why are all of these people invoking God’s name as if they were Christians?

What gives?

2 Comments on “Loomer, Villa, Owens – Who Is Running The New Right?”

  1. Okay. Let my autism spread it’s wings.
    The usual motivators are – passion, money and power.
    What do we know:
    1. Joy Vill is kinda of a star-ish individual. We know for damn sure she’s not christian. She is scientologist. She might be ex-scientologist, but nope. We see her christian/conservative virtue signaling since around Oct 20 ish. She’s a fake.
    2. About the same time RedPillBlack suddenly reapears in for example my timeline for the same shitty crap she’s done year ago. And she’s all like I’m black, based, conservative, stop attacking me for autistic doxing idea, deep state REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
    3. For some mysterious reason even the brightest stars of Sceptic Justice Warriors brigade call her on her bullshit. It probably doesn’t matter, but still amusing.
    4. Loomer and her tires keep faking autism by stealing shit from /pol/.
    5. Out of nowhere – circlejerk of endorsments. Trump to Joy, Joya to RPB and Loomer and so on and Cernovich and Gavin and Breitbart and Fox and blah blah and it still goes on.

    1. Maybe its just mostly about money. Noobright managed to get very close to Trump or ppl making decisions, so they are just doing something in order to get more money and attention and money and so on? And just a fucking reserve for something in the future… or not. Possible, but boring.
    2. Lizard people!
    3. This one I prefer. Someone with money and maybe political influence started a game. Mostly likely game about more control and ifluence. Joy can go to any state. And with money, support from noobright, nice relationships with Fox and other media this person might achive some serious shit. Hear me out. Lets say some good old conservative (maybe even not gay one) will decide to run for congress and boom here comes Joy and noobright. They can support this new candidate or really fuck him/her( 😉 ) up by running against. Noobright is cheap, not bright, but bright enough to understand their place. Joy is fake as fake gets, but also smart enough to understand whats good for her. And she’s black. RedPillBlack is… well… also black. And cute. And based. You got it. So what potential black (or white) congress(wo)man do we have? I have no idea. I dont care about US politics. I care about political games. And it’s not some sort of 4D chess shit. It’s a rather common game. You get your pocket candidate, a team(preferebly unethical one) and you can get influnce or increase the one you have already. It’s not neccessary always profitable, but it help to get more power and dont forget about passion. Person might just want to make America Great Again (doubt it but not impossible).
    4. Russian gay lizards!

    Thats about all. Please forgive me. I’m just having fun. This kind of shit is fun.
    Most likely I’m 90% wrong. Will see how it goes 🙂

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