New Documents From Murderous Milo Intern Showing Leaks to Buzzfeed

A few days ago I wrote about Lane Davis, also known as Seattle4Truth who has recently been charged with the first degree murder of his father. I also said that Davis was one of the “44 interns” in his position as a researcher with Milo Yiannopoulos who rebelled and leaked the story to Buzzfeed.

I have obtained screencaps from a larger trove which has been sent to the prosecuting attorney proving that he was, in fact, the person who leaked to Joe Bernstein at Buzzfeed, who is currently working on a follow up article with more perspective. These are taken from a private slack channel with the identity of the second person, who reads very noncommittal in their answers, hidden for privacy.

I have more screencaps demonstrating his state of mind that will be released on this site in the coming days.

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