Paper Genders: Pulling the Mask Off the Transgender Phenomenon (2011)

The only book on the transgender movement you’ll ever need, from a formerly transgender man who has folded his regret over his transition into a quiet resource for curious onlookers, transgender people and their families.

I expected more offensive judgment, but instead found a fantastic narrative that doesn’t just describe through interviews with pro-transition surgeons and psychologists the poor evidence for sex change surgery but walks through the 20th century medical error of mercy known as the lobotomy in order to draw a very reasonable parallel.

It’s light reading and only 130 pages and extremely well organized. Walt is a superb writer because he doesn’t write like a writer. He writes to be understood and makes his case carefully, punctuating his concerns with reprinted letters sent to his SexChangeRegret website.

After reading this book, I feel confident that I can defend that, at the very least and using the words of well-known transition specialists, that undergoing genital surgery is both unnecessary and barbaric to relieve the mental stress of dysphoria.

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  1. Mike Walsh says:

    Read Dr. Paul R. McHugh -emeritus head of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins- for a thorough takedown of the madness of enabling madness.

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