Rise of the n00b Right

Meet the New Right, same as the Alt Right, except these are the ones who are too squeamish to admit that they desperately rely on anonymous boards for their ideas and press.

Jack Posobiec, who is totally-not-trying-to-run-for-Pennsylvania-office-before-eventually-running-for-President is cleaning up his act (by divorcing his wife to marry a woman he claims he met at “Bible study” when he really means China) and has launched the site The New Right comprised of people who above all, serially take credit for the work of others.

You can check the New Right website here but Jack’s poor choice of WordPress plugins make the page impossible to navigate from the drop-down menus. C’mon man, I read half of those drop-down links every day, but you need to double check your plugins. (Why are so many right wingers absolute garbage at basic css, user tracking and site design?)

How to identify a member of the n00b right:

  • They are credit hogs who never attribute ideas or events to anyone other than themselves, and cry out that they are doing everything by themselves and need your support
  • They attend house parties with fellow n00b right members
  • They used GamerGate for attention but never bothered to play a game
  • They do not appear to have any friends from the “before time” of pre-internet fame (that’s because they’re trash human beings who can’t keep friends for more than a year or two)
  • If you do not fund them, western civilization itself will crumble
  • Believes western civilization is a product of the Magic Dirt of North America
  • No discernible life outside of politics
  • No discernible income outside of taking selfies at riots, but can still afford travel and nose jobs
  • Divorced
  • Uses online services while simultaneously decrying them as the end of civilization and the end of free speech

In short, the n00b right are the cosplay girls never attended a comic con until they realized they could make money by dressing up like Sexy Pikachu.

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6 Responses

  1. Peter V. says:

    “Uses online services while simultaneously decrying them as the end of civilization and the end of free speech”

    If you weren’t a worthless beta cuck, you’d figure out that there’s a difference between a tool and the rules that govern its use – like a car and the regulations on driving.

  2. #654 says:

    It’s the extreme opposite of the cuckold right, and it’s format was consolidated by Alex Jones types – basically the journalist as altruistic hero, larger-than-life savior creature fighting against the Beast in an Apocalyptic scenario. As opposed to professional “Judeo-Christian/muh values” cucks who adapt to what the Left pushes at the moment, albeit whining a little and having some objections. There should be a healthier in-between.
    Btw, anonymity isn’t necessarily bad.

  3. Cuckbuster says:

    As much as I hate to confirm this…. it’s sad &very true all theyre pasts are shady ….! Its asif they all had the same idiot ideology group cuckedness epifactorial genetic traits….! Alas it seems they’ve become an outlet for factual information about systemic abuse in the previous administration come to light….!
    Am I happy about it NO well why bother with their shitty supplement that’s watered down no …!
    ( if you’re too dumb to realize FD&C #4,5 is one of Susceptible factors in ADHD) then Lords know I can sell you shit and call it ormus…!
    It seems like a bunch of shit Tarde ugly white kids who never got along with anyone…! And now they’ve become and inflicting point of information which is sad for all of us as a nation ..!

    But should we and can we dimmer on the subjective and objective facts that tools and traits in place to protect us has been systematically of used since their inception after 2001…?

  1. October 4, 2017

    […] should update my list of tells for the n00b right to include “unabashed will to throw whatever might work at the wall until something […]

  2. October 27, 2017

    […] One of the Navarro events attended by Joy was also attended by self-professed “New Right” Twitter personalities, Mike Tokes and Anna Khait. Tokes has been tweeting Stephen Paddock conspiracy theories recently and is the founder of New Right US (@NewRightUS). See: Rise of the n00b Right. […]

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