Twitter Asks for Someone, Anyone to Talk Sense into Laura Loomer

Laura Loomer’s decline to conspiracy theorist both worries concerned followers and provides a new punchline for those who normally enjoy watching Louise Mensch’s branch of trepanated Russian conspiracy.

On Wednesday 4 October 2017, Loomer tweeted in the aftermath of the Mandalay Bay massacre:

Received intel that the woman who went to front row of concert and told people “you’re all going to die” is in custody and she is Muslim.

This is in reference to a video interview with MSNBC where a concert goer says that 45 minutes before the show, a woman came to the front row telling the crowd that they were “all going to do” before she was dragged off by security. I’d link the video but it’s being taken down constantly.

Twitter responds, with Susan Wright, a Senior Contributing Editor with Red State:

And when user @MarcMezvinksyII tweeted to Cassandra Fairbanks, saying:

Dear @CassandraRules: If you still talk to Laura at all, please call her and talk her out of this nonsense. She’s really starting to look and sound like Louise Mensch.

Laura has gone off the deep end of yellow journalism.

Fairbanks said she had Loomer blocked. “Not my dog, not my fleas.” What a polite way to describe what must be a tetchy relationship with Loomer.

I should update my list of tells for the n00b right to include “unabashed will to throw whatever might work at the wall until something sticks.

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3 Responses

  1. Randell says:

    Man, it’s like Laura Loomed became the Milhouse of political coverage. She can’t catch a break.

    Then again, she brought this onto herself with her absurdist “intel” and other meme-worthy shenanigans.

  2. F. U. says:

    You guys are absolute scum. Do you consider yourself activists or journalist by having the capability to write a vile op-ed and posting it on-line? I know – she is not reporting what the MSM is. and yet we got more info from Laura and weaponized autism then from you, the MSM, or your news sources. They shallow people rely on luck. Is it true?

    • Margaret says:

      Write Loomer back and tell her she’s nuts. Thanks for giving yourself away by using a phrase like “weaponized autism.”

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