Weekend Update: What Happened with Loomer?

Gather round, and I’ll tell you the story of a woman so in need of adoration that she threw away good jobs, good allies and good tires in an attempt to be just like the pretty blondes at Fox News.

This social media tweetstorm is a result of weeks and months of built-up tension surrounding Laura Loomer, the woman who most famously ran on stage during a Shakespeare In The Park production of Julius Caesar without going through the trouble of telling her employers at Rebel Media that she planned on causing a ruckus to raise money. Then, last week, we had our first glimpse of what was to come when an e-fight surfaced between the players below.

On Friday, October 20th, the beast revealed itself.

Cassandra Fairbanks tweeted that Laura Loomer is “Harvey Weinstein with a vag” after Loomer pushed the narrative that Cassandra was dating Will Chamberlain but mostly she was upset that she was blocked from attending the MagaMeetups Halloween Party put on by several people, notably Cassandra and Will in Washington, D.C. next week. Loomer spun the following tweets into legal threats against both Cassandra and Lauren Southern before Gavin Wax sent a six-minute video to Nick Monroe that detailed his experience with Laura, describing how she would show up at his work uninvited and contacted his friends on Facebook after meeting him for a friendly, work-related coffee.

Let’s try to get all these ducks in order.

Should I publicly explain why Laura Loomer is cancer or nah?
@CassandraRules, 12:45pm EST Friday 20 October 2017 (Link, Archive Link)

to: @CassandraRules
People seem to think you’re just being catty – but seriously guys…. if you only knew how bad it really was. F.
@Lauren_Southern, 1:57pm EST Friday 20 October 2017 (Link, Archive Link

to: @Lauren_Southern, @CassandraRules
You’re journalists not strippers. No-one’s  interested in a tease. Either spit it out or shut up about it.
@Voltarines, Friday 20 October 2017 (Link, Archive Link)

to: @Voltarines
It’s not easy when people are litigious.
@Lauren_Southern, Friday 20 October 2017 (Link, Archive Link)

Then the commentary started:

to: @cassandrarules @LauraLoomer
Why would Cassandra Fairbanks accuse Laura Loomer of rape? Serious accusations that cannot be deleted/ignored.
@SamHydenstein, Friday 20 October 2017 (Link, Archive Link)

to:@SamHydenstein @CassandraRules @LauraLoomer
I heard she was blackmailing jack prosebric for cheating on his gf with @ali at the maga meet up [He means Jack Posobiec and Ali Akbar]
@MagicMetalNinja, Friday 20 October 2017 (Link, Archive Link)

But what’s this?

Words have consequences @willChamberlain.
Right after you accused me of seriously wronging someone, I was accused of rape.
Shame on you.
@LauraLoomer, Friday 20 October 2017

While Gavin, whose video is below, is not necessarily the person that Cassandra is talking about, his experience buttresses the argument.

Laura thinks that this is over her hitting on someone I dated. That’s false. That was the excuse I used to be able to tell her to fuck off.
She is Harvey Weinstein with a vag though.
Between people she’s blackmailing and the person she raped, my issues with her are hardly the worst.
And Will and I are not dating and have never hooked up. She doesn’t understand the concept of having friends you don’t bang.
@CassandraRules, via Twitter, Friday 20 October 2017

Loomer gets litigious quickly, and seems to forget that slander is a civil issue, not a criminal one, and therefore can’t be felonious.

Must be the same lawyer who defended her during her criminal court case last week in New York.

A few months ago the alt-right YouTuber LA Werewolf posted a phonecall he had with Laura Loomer. During the long call, he told her that she was making enemies with too many people on the right and that it would come back to bite her in the rear if she didn’t calm down. Here I agree: My rumor mill, from moderates all the way to far right all say that Loomer is making enemies. The swaths of right wingers she insulted (including Canadian conservatives like myself) would eventually drop all of the evidence they have that she’s an awful person.

And then, two videos came out: One of Loomer drunk at a party telling Gavin McInnes that she had slept with over twenty men (which piqued my curiosity about what I thought was a bogus rumor concerning fertility) and showed him an elephant tattoo just above her pubic area…


And one from Gavin Wax alleging that Laura Loomer showed up uninvited to his work and would attempt to add his friends on Facebook.

Scroll down to the BONUS TWEETS below to see screengrabs posted by Nick Monroe of Loomer’s private conversations.

In the end, Loomer made some wonderfully silly attempts to blame both Donald Trump himself for the accusations and saying that everyone attacking her is from the “Deep state.” After the “deep state” tweets I received a few messages asking if I’ve received my cheque yet, but it’s still in the mail.

There are individuals who are being paid to create disruption and sabotage my #LasVegasShooting investigation. THAT IS HOW EFFECTIVE I AM!
@LauraLoomer, Saturday 21 October 2017 (Link, Archive Link)
Sources in intelligence have told me certain people are being paid by deep state operatives because I am getting too close to the truth.
@LauraLoomer, 6:22pm EST, Saturday 21 October 2017 (Link, Archive Link)

Dear Deep State: Don’t forget to visit my Support page.

Bonus tweets!

Megathread from Nick Monroe:

From James Allsup:


From Irma Hinojosa about being blocked by Laura on Twitter dot com:

Laura is a fraud who spread rumors that I was anti Semitic because I shared a stage with @RichardBSpencer. She blocked me over #TireGate BS. Truth about her degeneracy will come out, this isn’t a “cat fight.” We must call out frauds lest we allow people to be taken advantage of.
It was a freedom of speech rally & Richard was added on last minute. I would be fraud if I stepped down because he was also going to be speaking. The whole meaning of freedom of speech is freedom for all speech even if you don’t agree. I’m proud I stood up for free speech.
@IrmaHinojosa_ 20 October 2017 (Link, Archive Link)

From Jim / Internet Aristocrat / Mister Metokur:

From Lauren Southern:

From Brittany Venti:


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