Joy Villa Is Lying About Her Age

Joy Villa is not 26 despite numerous interviews and her Wikipedia page stating otherwise.

She’s given interviews to Billboard magazine that list her age as 26, and her birth year was only filled in on Wikipedia as recently as last week. We know that Joy Villa’s birth day is April 25th, because it’s backed up from years-old posts on one of her Facebook pages. This woman is collecting money without the knowledge of the FEC for a Congressional exploratory exercise, so yes, her inability to even tell her her correct age is noteworthy.  There is zero evidence online for her birth year to be 1991, with the assertion first appearing on a Wikipedia page.

Let’s take a quick look at the age conundrum.

On Twitter on 29 January 2016 she wished her “big brother” a happy 26th birthday (Link, Archive Link), but an Instagram comment makes it sound like they aren’t blood relatives.

When she was 10, she claims she had her own business selling drawings of Pokemon to other kids. The show debuted in 1997, with the Gameboy games being available to North American kids in 1998. If Joy was born in 1991, she would’ve been selling Pokemon drawings in 2001. Or, more likely, if she was born in 1986, she would’ve been 11 in 1997 and selling Pokemon drawings. (Link, Archive Link)

And of course, when she was 3, she “accepted Jesus as [her] Lord and Savior.” More on that in a later post. (Link, Archive Link)

Here’s what her Wikipedia page lists.

Look at her “Years Active,” which started in 2001, when she was either 10 years old or 15 years old. Her Wikipedia says that she started working as an actress at the age of 14.

And if you look at the talk page, which records notes on edits and updates, it shows that Wikipedia user The_Real_One_Returns had recently (as of 27 October 2017) edited her birth date.

So I took a look around for her birth record, and found it here (Link, Archive Link).

Joy Villa is not 26.

Joy Villa is 31.

Why does she want us to think she’s five years younger than she really is? She’s in fantastic shape and looks very youthful. So why does she have to be 26?

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  1. Princess joy has lied about everything else since she started getting attention with her trump-dress, why shouldn’t the little snake lie about her age while she’s at it it 😎

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