Kaya Jones Subtweeting #Gays4Trump Founder

Mmm-hmm girlfraaand.

#Gays4Trump founder Peter Boykin tweeted earlier that Kaya Jones had unfollowed him on Twitter dot com, and that it’s all because of Joy Villa. Recently, Jones excused herself from the #JoyTribe after #JoyVillaExposed proved her to be a fake Christian, high level Scientologist looking to milk donations from Trump supporters despite as recently as last year being a pro-Bernie, pro-BLM voter who thought Trump was stupid and crazy. Bernie supporters migrating to the MAGA movement is reasonable — both were populist, after all — but the 180 that Joy Villa has undertaken has now gone the sour route of infiltrating the MAGA movement and bullying everyone who has questioned her movements.

Here’s what Boykin (whose Periscopes I enjoy) tweeted:

(Archive Link)

(Archive Link)

And here’s Kaya’s response:

(Archive Link)

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