Right Wing Reactions to The Great Twitter UnCheckening

Twitter Support announced a few days ago that they were halting new blue check mark verifications,  and in the last 24 hours several right wing figures (especially on the far right, alt right side) have lost their blue check marks from Twitter. And there was gnashing of teeth, and a few people saying that sure, neo-Nazis have been un-verified but can they just have an edit function to fix typos?

The push to call Twitter a public utility on par with drinking water is an eye-roll from me, because I’ve been reading Kathy Shaidle at Five Feet of Fury for more than ten years now and she’s been pointing out that conservatives are hurting themselves by funneling money into WordPress sites that pander to our own crowd instead of funding free speech version of YouTube and other social media. I’m proud to say that I’m old enough to talk about youngin’s who don’t understand how the last decade or so of online conservative conservative has developed. We had the chance to develop our own “public utility” but now we are dependent on the technology of others.

Anyway, let’s get into the self-described conservatives and right wingers etc etc who have had their checkmarks taken away, and the jokey tweets by conservatives who recognize that their lives aren’t going to melt down if they lose the blue.

The reason to have a blue checkmark is that it makes inter-blue check mark conversation easier. Blue Check Marks can filter their conversation to only see Other Blue Check Marks, so if you want to be first in line to talk to celebrities, you need that precious blue thing.

Let’s start with the stand out, our good friend and hair extension dabbler Laura Loomer, who wasted no time in comparing her lost check mark to literally the Holocaust.  She had previously denounced the ADL for attacking her on the anniversary of Kristallnacht, because attacking Laura Loomer for her tweets about Muslim women is exactly the same as Kristallnacht. #blessThisMess (Link, Archive Link)

Now, she calls the removal of her checkmark the “Final Solution” referencing the time that Nazis killed millions of Jews (sorry, Poland, the deaths of millions of your citizens has NOTHING on Laura Loomer’s twitter account):

Archive Link

A Buzzfeed article by Jim Dalrymple II (Theodore, is that your son?) notes that Baked Alaska has been permabanned during the mass unverification, and it’s as to why exactly he was suspended:

“It was not immediately clear what specifically prompted the suspension, and Gionet (who previously worked at BuzzFeed) did not respond to a Facebook message seeking comment. A cached version of the account indicated he had most recently tweeted on Monday to his 193,000 followers.”

Mike Tokes, founder of the New Right Twitter account called Baked an “influential conservative Trump supporter.”

Twitter user A Purposeful Wife has also lost her verification. She is currently soliciting interviews for a book with young women who want to be Trad Life, or something, and believes that posting photos of white women in 1950s-era advertisements and in Photoshopped photoshoots will soon be illegal on Twitter Dot Com. Unless they de-verify Martha Stewart, I don’t think that hashtag Trad Life will be under attack next.

A Purposeful Wife also mentions that Vox Day is still suspended:

Also unChecked were James Allsup, one of the attendees of the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, Richard Spencer who finally unfollowed me around when I made fun of him for being a trust fund kid and Jason Kessler, who organized the rally or rallies. I’m not up to date on Unite The Right mythology because it didn’t appear to accomplish much unity among the broader sphere of right wingers.

Milo Yiannopoulos chose to highlight The Rebel Media’s Tommy Robinson (whose new book on Mohammad’s Koran seems to be selling well) and tire fire.

Then, moving on to the crowd with a bit more of a sense of humor, starting with Faith Goldy taking a shot at Loomer’s hysterics.  Goldy is rumored to be engaged and is starting a new YouTube channel soon. As well, we have tweets from and about Lauren Southern, Nick J. Fuentes and Stefan Molyneux:

As usual, the best people to knock off the list are the ones that nobody wants to defend, so yes, that’s people I find personally offensive (like Laura Loomer and Richard Spencer) are being deverified first. It’s hard to get the rest of us to care when they’re the ones losing out, but the creep might continue until there’s nobody “conservative” left on Twitter Dot Com except for David Frum and Kat Timpf.

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