Turning Point USA Apologizes for Funny Tweet

Earlier today, Turning Point USA posted a tweet outlining the tax plans of both Bernie Sanders (who lost) and Donald Trump (who won) with the hashtag #SocialismSucks.

Adam Weinstein, a bald man who previously worked for Gawker and Mother Jones quote-tweeted:

“The best grift in America is convincing rich old-man conservatives to give you their money so you can “reach” young people with an old-man message.”

The reply from a Turning Point staffer was hilarious, and so it had to be deleted:

“The best ‘grift’ this morning is having a guy named Weinstein criticize young people for wanting fewer hands in their pockets. Too good.”

Please give whoever is running your social media a raise.

Not long after, Turning Point apologized for cracking the best joke they’ve made in months:

After apologizing, Turning Point’s director Charlie Kirk received kudos from the fellas over at the Reagan Battalion.

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