Weekend Schedule

I’ve started new afternoon writing shifts so I won’t be able to do any afternoon streams today, so instead we’ll have a nice weekend stream. If you missed it, I was interviewed by Stef MacWilliams at Right Millennial on Wednesday. My brain was a bit tired but it was nice to talk to a fellow Canadian. With my new writing shifts I’ll have to reconsider my streaming schedules once I adjust to my new scheduling. Oh, and right now I use Freshbooks to track my time for contracts, but I’m trying to figure out if there’s a time tracking app that can be openly viewed by anyone, accessible through this website so Patreons and looky-loos can see where my time ends up.

I’m still a bit worn out from covering Thanksgiving shifts and errands yesterday for various Americans, but I’ll hold off on sleeping in for a few days.


Working in the living room in a scarf while new windows are installed in my apartment (it’s mild out today, so while it’s a bit chilly here there is no need to worry), then quickly meeting a group of local campus conservatives (so I can feel old) before saying goodbye to some dear friends who are soon hopping a plane back to Western Canada.


Canadian political consulting triage so I can line up some gigs (did you know that the next Canadian Conservative Party Convention is going to be held in my city next August?), calling some American biz partners, Discord time, a desperately needed trip to the grocery store and Wally World, updating this site quickly on gossip then off to see Maxime Bernier and MLA Tim Houston (Canadians do most of their politicking in the winter). Then, dropping by to see my family and to grab my external harddrive. I was planning on uploading them to vid.me the other day but realized that the external with all of my vids on it is in a box somewhere else.


Good morning Margaret 12 noon EST coffee stream on Facebook and uploading vids from my external.

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